Product launches 2015

Pulp and paper xylanase
A bleach booster for paper pulp that can reduce chlorine dioxide dosing, translating into a financial saving for the mill as well as environmental benefits.

Novozymes Secura®
A thermostable, low-pH beta-amylase enzyme for maltose syrup production that provides a higher product activity level and still remains stable during storage.

Protease for automatic dishwashing
An improved protease that meets the new market requirements and conditions, offering main benefits in phosphorus-containing formulas.

Novozymes Liquozyme® LpH
A highly efficient alpha-amylase enzyme that reduces mash viscosity and breaks down starch into shorter dextrin chains, even at low pH.

Novozymes Extenda®
A glucoamylase enzyme that produces more DP1 and less DP2 in the starch saccharification process for the production of conventional sweeteners.

Novozymes Avantec® Amp
An alpha-amylase enzyme and advanced liquefaction solution that improves yield and throughput with added benefits in terms of chemical cost reductions, oil yield and simplified plant operation.