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The planet’s population is growing, and consuming more – placing a strain on natural resources and calling for more sustainable ways to meet its needs. Novozymes is helping the world address these challenges. Used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products, our innovative biological solutions improve the efficiency of processes both in industry and in everyday life by saving energy, water and other raw materials, while reducing waste.

Sustainability is intrinsic to our business
The nature of our technology makes sustainability an intrinsic part of our business, allowing us to offer our customers solutions that optimize their use of raw materials and energy.

48% market share
In 2015, the world market for industrial enzymes expanded by 10% to an estimated DKK 25 billion, driven mainly by currencies. Novozymes remained the market leader with a 48% share of the market. Through The BioAg Alliance, we have a market leading position within the market for seed inoculants.

Good things come in small packages

For Novozymes, everything begins with enzymes and microorganisms.

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts. When one substance needs to be transformed into another, nature uses enzymes to speed up the process. Enzymes in the stomach, for instance, ensure that food is broken down into tiny particles that can be converted into energy in the body. Our customers use enzymes as catalysts in the manufacture of a wide variety of products, ###FACTBOX LAUNCHES###including ethanol, sugar, beer and bread, where the enzymes are not part of the end product. Enzymes are also used directly in products such as laundry detergents, where they help remove stains and enable low-temperature washing.

Like enzymes, many microorganisms have natural properties that can be put to use in a variety of processes. In our strategic BioAg Alliance, Novozymes is working on microorganisms that will give the world’s farmers a new biological toolkit for increasing yields and protecting crops.


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Five sales areas





Household Care

33% of sales

Novozymes’ enzymes and microorganisms enable manufacturers to supply consumers with laundry and cleaning products that offer better performance with reduced environmental impact. Their unique catalytic action makes enzymes particularly useful ingredients in low-temperature and concentrated detergents.


Food & Beverages

27% of sales

Novozymes’ enzymes are used extensively to reduce costs, optimize production processes and enhance the quality of bread, beer, wine and other products.




18% of sales

Novozymes is helping drive the transition to greener fuels and renewable energy. Our enzymes for the Bioenergy industry break down crops, such as corn, and waste materials to create ethanol for use as liquid fuel.


Agriculture & Feed

15% of sales

Novozymes supplies a range of microorganisms and enzymes for use in agriculture. Through The BioAg Alliance with Monsanto, we are developing microbial solutions for farmers that improve yields more sustainably and enable them to fight off pests and diseases. Novozymes’ animal health and nutrition solutions enhance the digestibility and nutritional value of animal feed and maintain better water conditions in aquaculture. Together with our partner DSM Nutritional Products, we are the world leader in feed enzymes.


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Technical & Pharma

7% of sales

Novozymes offers enzymatic solutions for processing textiles and leather, as well as a range of microorganisms for industrial use in wastewater treatment. Our Biopharma business focuses on sustainable drug delivery and formulation.