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2015 in brief

Market leader in industrial enzymes

In 2015, the world market for industrial enzymes expanded by 10% to an estimated DKK 25 billion, driven mainly by currencies. Novozymes remained the market leader with a 48% share of the market.


CO2 emissions saved In 2015, our customers avoided an estimated 60 million tons of CO2 emissions by applying Novozymes’ products. The savings achieved are equivalent to taking approximately 25 million cars off the road.

Key events of 2015

January 7
Jan 7.

The BioAg Alliance delivers first full-year trials showing increases in corn and soybean yields

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January 20
Jan 20.

Novozymes launches new purpose, strategy and long-term targets

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Pulp and paper xylanase
A bleach booster for paper pulp that can reduce chlorine dioxide dosing, translating into a financial saving for the mill as well as environmental benefits


Novozymes Secura®
A thermostable, low-pH beta-amylase enzyme for maltose syrup production that provides a higher product activity level and still remains stable during storage

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May 28
May 28.

Adisseo and Novozymes announce partnership to develop probiotics for animals

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June 3
Jun 3.

Novozymes wins innovation award from Tereos for outstanding performance in implementing the liquefaction solution Novozymes LpHera®

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June 4
Jun 4.

Novozymes announces plans to establish a new innovation campus in Lyngby, Denmark

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Protease for automatic dishwashing
An improved protease that meets the new market requirements and conditions, offering main benefits in phosphorus-containing formulas

August 31
Aug 31.

Novozymes launches Bioenergy University – an online training platform for ethanol producers

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Novozymes Liquozyme® LpH
A highly efficient alpha-amylase enzyme that reduces mash viscosity and breaks down starch into shorter dextrin chains, even at low pH

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Novozymes Extenda®
A glucoamylase enzyme that produces more DP1 and less DP2 in the starch saccharification process for the production of conventional sweeteners

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September 10
Sep 10.

Novozymes scores 90 out of 100 in the Chemical Industry sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, placing the company among the top 3% of sustainability leaders in the sector

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September 25
Sep 25.

With businesses such as Novozymes playing a key role, world leaders meet to adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Novozymes Avantec® Amp
An alpha-amylase enzyme and advanced liquefaction solution that improves yield and throughput with added benefits in terms of chemical cost reductions, oil yield and simplified plant operation

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October 5
Oct 5.

Novozymes acquires Pacific Vet Group-USA, Inc. to strengthen position in probiotics for animals

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October 27
Oct 27.

Novozymes announces restructuring of its Biopharma business and cessation of hyaluronic acid production

October 30
Oct 30.

International journal Science ranks Novozymes the best science employer in the world

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November 17
Nov 17.

Monsanto and Novozymes, the two partners in The BioAg Alliance, announce a new acreage target for their microbial solutions of 250-500 million acres globally by 2025

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December 3
Dec 3.

Novozymes LactoMonitor™, a new device that lets dairy producers know the level of lactose in their products in seconds, wins Food Ingredients Europe’s Innovation in Technology award

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December 12
Dec 12.

At the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, Novozymes calls on global leaders to reach a strong agreement to limit global warming to 2°C

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Sales by industry

Household Care

Sales to the Household Care industry increased by 1% organically and by 6% in DKK compared with 2014. In 2015, sales growth was driven by customers’ continued interest in enhancing wash performance and optimizing detergent formulations for cost and sustainability. Emerging market growth was relatively strong with the exception of Latin America, which contracted. Sales growth was also negatively impacted by lower sales to one particular customer.

Food & Beverages

Sales to the Food & Beverages industries increased by 5% organically and by 13% in DKK compared with 2014. Sales to the baking industry and for the production of healthy foods were the main contributors to sales growth in 2015. Sales to the starch industry increased moderately due to recently launched innovation.


Sales to the Bioenergy industry decreased by 5% organically, but were up by 12% in DKK compared with 2014. In 2015, U.S. ethanol production is estimated to have increased by ~3%. Novozymes’ Bioenergy sales decreased, mainly due to unfavorable mix changes, and continued price and market share pressure throughout 2015 compared with 2014.

Agriculture & Feed

Sales to the Agriculture & Feed industries increased by 19% organically and by 23% in DKK compared with 2014. Sales growth was driven by a strong performance in BioAg and a solid positive contribution from animal feed. BioAg experienced strong sales growth in 2015, as The BioAg Alliance benefited from good sales developments in North America. Sales in Latin America in the challenging 2015 season were relatively stable compared with the 2014 season. Feed enzyme sales through the strategic alliance with DSM developed well in 2015, driven by increased sales of solutions that enhance protein and energy uptake by swine and poultry.

Technical & Pharma

Sales to the Technical & Pharma industries increased by 6% organically and by 18% in DKK compared with 2014, driven mainly by Pharma.

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Distribution of generated value

In 2015, Novozymes’ generated value amounted to DKK 14,104 million. 86% of this amount was returned to society through the purchase of goods and services from suppliers, wages and pensions to our 6,485 employees, various types of taxes and duties to the community, and dividend and financial costs to our capital providers. The remaining 14% was reinvested in Novozymes to develop the company, and ensure competitiveness and future value generation for distribution among key stakeholders.

In addition to the 8% returned to capital providers, Novozymes bought back shares worth DKK 2 billion in 2015.

Sales by

Total sales in 2015 increased by 4% organically compared with 2014. Exchange rates had a positive impact on sales, and sales were up by 12% in DKK to a total of DKK 14,002 million.

Key performance

NOVOZYMES 2015 2015 target
Water efficiency* 9% 10%
Energy efficiency* 15% 10%
CO2 intensity* 17% 4%
Renewable energy 24% 24%
Number of employees on Dec. 31 6,485
"Satisfaction and motivation" score in employee survey 77 ≥ 75
"Opportunities for professional and personal development" score in employee survey 80 ≥ 75
Frequency of occupational accidents (per 2.5 < 1.7 million working hours) 2.5 < 1.7
Employees promoted are women 41% ≥ 35%
Employee absence 2.0% ≤ 2.0%
RobecoSAM class rating Medal** Medal
CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) score A- A List
2015 2015 target
Estimated reduction in CO2 emissions through our customers' application of our products, in million tons 60 50
Adherence to the supplier program for responsible sourcing 100% 96.5%
* Compared with the 2014 baseline.
** The distribution of medals will be announced in RobecoSAM's Sustainability Yearbook, published January 20, 2016.

Five-year summary