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Progress in 2015

With the implementation of our new purpose, strategy and long-term targets in early 2015, employee development has become a key focus area for us. The long-term target “ENABLE Novozymes' employees to develop” will ensure that we build the skills that are crucial to deliver on our strategy, and that all employees develop their full potential.

Employee satisfaction and development

In 2015, we conducted our annual People’s Opinion survey, with a high response rate of 95%. The survey provides important insights into employee motivation and satisfaction, and helps identify areas that need continuous attention and further improvement. For a second consecutive year, we met both our targets related to workplace development. “Employee satisfaction and motivation” scored 77 out of 100 in the survey, surpassing our target of 75. With a score of 80 for “Opportunities for development,” we also improved our 2014 score and met our target of 75.

In October 2015, the journal Science's Magazine’s Top Employer Survey ranked Novozymes the top employer among 20 global science companies within biotech, pharma and related industries. The ranking was based on several key criteria, including respect for employees, leadership in innovation and social responsibility. Read more in this press release.

Diversity and equal opportunities

While upholding the principle of merit-based employment and promotion, we are committed to strengthening diversity. We give diversity important consideration in the context of talent attraction, promotion and succession planning, and by setting concrete diversity targets as described in our position on Diversity and equal opportunities. With 41% of employees promoted in 2015 being female, we surpassed our 2015 target of ensuring that at least 35% of employees promoted were women. We also have a long-term target of ensuring that women hold at least 30% of senior management positions by 2020, and we believe our continued focus and initiatives will support our journey toward meeting this target.

Internal collective bargaining committees

Novozymes recognizes and respects the right to form and join associations and to bargain collectively. We make appropriate arrangements to facilitate the fulfillment of these fundamental rights in countries with limited labor legislation.

Occupational health and safety

Novozymes’ health initiatives are designed to fit local needs and to improve employees’ overall well-being. Some of the local health initiatives that were rolled out in 2015 are described below.

In Denmark, we have expanded an exercise campaign to create awareness of the importance of movement during the working day. The program aims to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain as a result of working conditions within certain job categories. In India, we offer group-based stress management and prevention sessions. Furthermore, safety thinking is endorsed through safe-driving campaigns for all employees. In the U.S., employees are offered individual counseling to deal with stress.

On a global level, we have increased our focus on the psychological working environment, which can lead to work-related stress. For the first time in 2015, questions concerning harassment and bullying were included in the annual People’s Opinion survey. The results showed a low degree of harassment and bullying in Novozymes in general. All departments will follow up on the results to ensure a healthy psychological working environment and well-being of employees.

Challenges and dilemmas 

In 2015, we experienced an increase in the frequency of occupational accidents, resulting in a frequency of 2.5 per million working hours, which is above our target of 1.7 for 2015. We have found that most of the accidents that occurred in 2015 could have been avoided with a higher degree of safety awareness. Ensuring safety awareness has therefore been a focus area in new safety initiatives launched in 2015.


Looking ahead

We will continue to strive for an injury- and incident-free working environment and are currently rolling out further initiatives to improve safety at Novozymes. A Let's Talk Safety campaign was initiated in 2015 to increase awareness and focus on safety. The campaign focuses on building a culture where safety is something we just "do." One of the key elements in the campaign is to enable team leaders to run daily safety talks with their teams as a means of reinforcing safety guidelines and establishing a focus on relevant safety concerns. The campaign was initially rolled out in our production organization, where most of the occupational accidents occurred, and will be rolled out company-wide in early 2016.