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At Novozymes, we believe that there are a vast number of opportunities for building a better tomorrow. To seize these opportunities, we have defined a purpose and strategy for our company that will steer our priorities and direction.

Let's rethink tomorrow

Our purpose is "Together we find biological answers for better lives in a growing world – Let’s rethink tomorrow." This purpose is deeply rooted in our heritage and all we have accomplished so far. It also looks ahead to what we can achieve together with customers, consumers, governments, academia and others around us in finding the sustainable answers that our world needs. Success will be determined by our ability to pool our insight and expertise in order to reach common milestones. We invite the world to rethink tomorrow together with us.

Partnering for impact

Our strategy sets out four focus areas that will enable us to live up to our purpose. The backbone of this strategy is our belief that we make the biggest impact through partnerships.

For Novozymes, partnerships mean deep-rooted collaborations with mutual benefits and obligations. The best example is the partnership we have with our customers. By working closely with customers and others around us, we can gain the necessary insights into how we can help them succeed. Only by being alert and truly understanding the social, political and economic realities of our partners can we create real and sustained impact. We can do that by optimizing our partners’ processes while reducing their environmental footprint, improving their profitability and creating breakthrough products. We are already doing this today, but we can do much more to increase our impact by benefiting our partners, building a better world and growing our company at the same time.

Novozymes' strategic focus areas

Rally for change

Form partnerships and networks with customers, consumers, organizations and governments to make a sustainable difference.

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In autumn 2015, Novozymes took the stage when world leaders met in New York to adopt the new UN Sustainable Development Goals that will guide global efforts to improve lives and sustainability over the next 15 years. And in December, we engaged in discussions with cross-sector participants from business, government, finance, the UN and civil society in Paris at the COP21 climate conference. Throughout the year, Novozymes was also present at customer- and industry-specific events where we seized the opportunity to engage with important stakeholders. We do so because it is important to let the world know just what our technology can achieve.
We will form partnerships and networks with customers, consumers, governments, suppliers, academia and others around us to make a sustainable difference. Rally for change is about Novozymes actively engaging in global discussions and being a driving force in bringing together like-minded partners with shared goals and ambitions to create more sustainable growth for the world.

Lead innovation

Excite our customers by delivering more significant innovation, tailored to their local markets.

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In 2015, Novozymes launched a number of new products aimed at addressing customer needs, most notably in Food & Beverages and Bioenergy. Novozymes Extenda® cuts the cost of converting starch into sweeteners by reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and water, while Novozymes Liquozyme® LpH and Novozymes Avantec® Amp bring a range of efficiency benefits to the production of ethanol from corn. We also launched Novozymes Secura®, which cuts the cost of producing maltose syrups from grain, and a pulp and paper xylanase, which reduces chlorine dioxide dosing in paper pulp production.
We will inspire and excite our customers by delivering more significant innovation, tailored to their local markets. This will accelerate the translation of customer needs into significant biological solutions that address local conditions. The technology race is speeding up, so our innovation must go beyond the lab, extending into every interaction we have with customers and consumers.

Focus on opportunities

Prioritize the customers, markets and activities that hold the biggest opportunities for creating impact.

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In 2015, Novozymes strengthened existing partnerships and adjusted its portfolio of growth platforms. We entered a partnership with France-based Adisseo to develop a probiotic product that improves the health of poultry and potentially reduces the use of antibiotic growth promoters. We also acquired Pacific Vet Group-USA, Inc., a developer of probiotic technologies to improve the health and growth of poultry. Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid activities within our Biopharma area were closed down. Emphasis in this area will instead be on capturing value for albumin formulations and the development of half-life extension technology for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
We will prioritize the customers, markets and activities that hold the biggest opportunities for creating impact. Given Novozymes’ broad portfolio of markets and activities, it is critical that we hone our ability to focus on key priorities and maximize value.

Grow people

Support our employees and people around us in unfolding their full potential.

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In January 2015, we updated and rolled out Novozymes’ purpose and strategy "Partnering for Impact” to engage and provide direction for employees. In September, we scored 80 out of 100 in our employee survey for personal and professional development, achieving our target of 75 or above. We also rolled out initiatives to strengthen people development capabilities and regional leadership pipelines. To build external knowledge, we launched the Bioenergy University, an interactive educational platform that aims to help our customers use the latest knowledge about ethanol production to optimize, expand and build the ethanol industry.
We want to be better at enabling our employees to develop their professional and leadership skills. This will include more effective development programs, customized to the needs of specific parts of the organization. At the same time, we believe that we can contribute knowledge to people around us: everything from working with technicians at customers’ plants to help them optimize production, to delivering teaching materials to classrooms.