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###Graf - Frequency of accidents###

Novozymes had 6,485 employees at the end of 2015, up 31 on a year earlier. The low increase was due mainly to the closing down of the hyaluronic acid activities and a general hold back on cost.


###Graph - Business Integrity Training###

Novozymes is committed to strengthening diversity while upholding the principles of merit-based employment and promotion. With 41% of employees promoted in 2015 being female, the annual share of employees promoted who are women has increased by 7 percentage points since 2014.

Rate of absence

Novozymes’ employee absence rate was 2.0% in 2015, compared with 1.8% in 2014. A strong focus on health initiatives for employees that are tailored to local needs is considered to have contributed to the low absence rate.

Occupational accidents

Despite a strong focus on employee safety, the frequency of occupational accidents increased to 2.5 per million working hours in 2015, compared with the record low of 1.7 in 2014. Enhanced safety awareness programs were introduced in 2015 to address the increasing number of accidents at the beginning of the year.

Business integrity training

97% of Novozymes’ employees completed business integrity training, compared with 94% in 2014. The high completion rates in 2014 and 2015 confirm Novozymes’ commitment to an organizational culture based on sound business ethics.

Responsible sourcing

In 2015, overall adherence to Novozymes' supplier program for responsible sourcing was 100%. The program includes an evaluation of suppliers based on commercial, quality and sustainability performance. Novozymes increased its responsible sourcing efforts during the year to include specific measures to combat net deforestation in the supply chain.

Learners reached

Novozymes’ Citizymes program focuses on educating people outside Novozymes about the potential of biological solutions. It is estimated that Novozymes reached approximately 87,000 people through the program in 2015, compared with approximately 51,000 in 2014. 

Social and governance data

    Note       2015 2014
Employee statistics              
Employees, total   2.3     No. 6,485  6,454 
Women   2.3     % 37.5  37.7 
Men   2.3     % 62.5  62.3 
Rate of employee turnover   8.1     % 9.1  8.1 
Rate of absence   8.1     % 2.0  1.8 
Employees promoted who are women   8.1     % 41  34 
Training costs              
Average spent per employee         DKK 4,814  5,399 
Costs as percentage of total employee costs         % 0.8  1.1 
Health and safety              
Fatalities         No.   -   -
Occupational accidents with absence   8.2     No. 26  17 
Of which life-threatening accidents         No.   -   -
Occupational diseases   8.2     No. 12 
Frequency of occupational accidents         Per million working hours 2.5  1.7 
Frequency of occupational diseases         Per million working hours 1.2  0.4 
Processes and technology              
New products         No.
Active patent families         No. 1,164  1,191 
Training and compliance              
Supplier program for responsible sourcing   8.3     % 100  99 
Completion of business integrity training for employees   8.3     % 97  94 
Breaches of competition law   8.3     No.   -   -
Fraud cases   8.3     No. 12 
Corporate citizenship              
Regional flagship projects   8.4     No. 13  13 
Learners reached   8.4     No. 87,000  51,000